About European and International cooperation at CNPF (Coop EU-I)

Its missions, its history  and professional culture, and also the demands of its counterparts and partners, led the CNPF to conduct, since its origins, numerous  actions of  cooperation at the European and international levels (Coop EU-I).

A well established legal and institutional framework since 2010

  • The ordinance No. 2009-1369 of  6th November 2009 (section 221.1 of the Forest Code) states explicitly that the CNPF's mission is to "promote exchanges between agencies involved in forest development in France and in the territory of the European Union and third countries. "

  • In its latest contract of objectives, Objective 3.1: Strengthen coordination with scientists and transfer of research, provides for the development of networks of exchange with foreign countries, especially in Europe, and participation in international programs.

  • To be qualified as a Technical Institute of the network of ICTA,  IDF, the CNPF  RDI Department is requested to have a strong enough European dimension.

A roadmap for 2014-2020

Initiated with the CRPF Directors in 2005, then updated in 2010 and in 2015, a strategic analysis has highlighted some key points of the context, and main axes of orientation:

Context :

  • merger of the institutions and the reshaping the perimeter of the Regions

  • progressive decreasing of the funding sources

  • increasing problems for the CNPF of critical mass, scale and project engineering, facing the evolution of Coop EU -I programs

But also :

  • few but motivated project leaders at CNPF, with the renewal of generations as a trump

  • some ancient and strong partnerships, and important achievements

  • better structuring, consultation and responsiveness since 2010 in this EU-I cooperation area

  • more prominence given to the practitioners and the "field" vision in the programs

Main axes of orientations for 2014-2020 :

  • to clarify the  RDI strategic framework (joint program  IDF-CRPF) to support the Coop EU- I Priorities

  • to maintain and develop the capacity of  mobilizing external resources ;

  •  to pay attention to position the CNPF at relevant  level in the programmes and actions, staying in the heart of our business, and being force of proposition on our priorities

  • to pool and enhance our  Coop EU-I resources and skills

  • to better identify and promote our Coop EU-I actions and results 

A dedicated function 

- Specific support (50%)

  • to promote the emergence of new European projects

  • to support and / or coordinate directly the setting  up of some projects

  • to support and / or take over the management of some programs

- General support (45%)

  • to animate the network of the CRPF Coop EU-I correspondants, and to provide responses to their various requests

  • to represent and support the CNPF on European and international issues; to defend and position the CNPF Coop EU-I projects and interests in various forums and networks at European and national level (CEPF, PEI, H2020, Europe group of ACTA, ...)

  • to support the hosting the foreign delegations

 - Watch (5%)

To identify, analyze and disseminate information regarding:

  • the European funds, the programs olikely to interest  the CNPF, their implementation modalities and results

  • the European politicies, and the strategic context of the sector

Facts and figures

From 1994 to 2010, IDF was involved in 28 programs as a partner - including 6 coordinations.
From 2010 to 2015, the CNPF was involved in 33 programs (14 programs IDF + 19 CRPF programs).
These programs are primarily Interreg A (cross-borders) for the CRPF and also H2020, LIFE +, Interreg B, Erasmus for the IDF and / or the CRPF.

For information, over the period 2012-2013-2014, the EU funds overall amount affected by the CNPF on these programs was 6 million €, i.e 1.5 million on average per year.
The return rate (projects submitted / accepted projects) over the same period was 40%.

CNPF is also associate member of the European Forest Institute (EFI), through its ECOFOR membership; member of the R&D group of the European confederation of forest owners (CEPF); member of the national support group of the Forest based sector Technology Platform.

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