Jointly created by Forêt-Entreprise (magazine published by IDF-CNPF – France), and Sherwood (magazine published by Compania delle Foreste – Italia), the European network of forest sector magazines EUFORMAG has been launched.

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Starting from the simple and shared conviction that there is a wide range of forest magazines in Europe, and that quite a lot of the articles published by those magazines are likely to interest others readers, out of their respective frontiers.

And that it is possible then - and desirable - to share part of this common publishing resource, and to open a sort of window on Europe. To enrich concretely the readers' knowledge with the  practices and actions identified at a European scale, to better appreciate some varied implementations and outputs from different projects, to better identify stakeholders, to facilitate networking, and why not, some common initiatives.

At the moment, the EUFORMAG comprises six magazines from five countries. These target regularly more than 10 000 forest owners, engineers and forest related actors.Each partner provides to the others some articles, the exchanges being free of rights within this network.

The tool may be useful to facilitate circulating the results from forest projects of a wider European interest. The EUFORMAG partners contribute with a translation.The network is open, and is supposed to be broadened to some others European partners in 2010.

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Contact : Samuel Six, CNPF-IDF
Tél. +33 (0)1 40 62 22 85