European and International cooperation at CNPF

Its missions, its history  and professional culture, and also the demands of its counterparts and partners, led the CNPF to conduct, since its origins, numerous  actions of  cooperation at the European and international levels.

A well established legal and institutional framework since 2010

  • The ordinance No. 2009-1369 of  6th November 2009 (section 221.1 of the Forest Code) states explicitly that the CNPF's mission is to "promote exchanges between agencies involved in forest development in France and in the territory of the European Union and third countries."

  • In its latest contract of objectives, Objective 3.1: Strengthen coordination with scientists and transfer of research, provides for the development of networks of exchange with foreign countries, especially in Europe, and participation in international programs.

  • To be qualified as a Technical Institute of the network of ICTA, IDF, the CNPF RDI Department, is requested to have a strong enough European dimension.


CNPF is associate member of the European Forest Institute (EFI), through its ECOFOR membership ; member of the R&D group of the European confederation of forest owners (CEPF) ; member of the national support group of the Forest based sector Technology Platform.

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Benjamin Chapelet, Europe projects Officer

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