Woodlands for drinking water

Forests protect water and foresters can help to preserve it.

Updated May 2018 : PESFOR-W COST Action


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Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) vs Water Framework Directive (WFD) targets (2016-2020).

The CNPF's expertise on forest-water partnerships is expected in this project. The CNPF is involved in two working groups :

  • the first one seeks to assess the effectiveness of afforestation to reduce diffuse agricultural pollution,
  • the second one relates to payments for environmental services (PES) and the estimation of cost-effectiveness measures of afforestation.

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6th World Water Forum

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The value of forest services : You could do worse but it costs more

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  • Households would be prepared to pay up to 50 € extra per year for tap water from woodland sources.

  •  The more woodlands we have, the cheaper the water.

    These two results clearly show the value of forest services.

    Maintaining plant cover and soil protection, extensive managementlow nitrates in the water leaching into the ground, purifying functions and natural image : foresters have every reason to take pride in their role in preserving clean drinking water resources - a role that deserves to be given greater prominence.

This leaflet* to download presents the mains results from a CNPF-IDF and INRA joint project called “ Forests and Water ”, whose purpose is to develop methods capable of producing reliable economic figures on the environmental services rendered by forests.

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More information - Contacts

More details in French, in section “Forêt et eau” at cnpf.fr

Contact :

Julien FIQUEPRON, Water and Forests engineer
Institut pour le Développement Forestier / CNPF
Maison de la Forêt - 11 rue de la Commanderie - 54000 NANCY (France)