Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) vs Water Framework Directive (WFD) targets (2016-2020).

The CNPF's expertise on forest-water partnerships is expected in this project. The CNPF is involved in two working groups :

- the first one seeks to assess the effectiveness of afforestation to reduce diffuse agricultural pollution,

- the second one relates to payments for environmental services (PES) and the estimation of cost-effectiveness measures of afforestation.

Payments for Ecosystem Services (Forests for water) - forestresearch.gov.uk/research/pesforw/

Woodlands for drinking water : 2 "success stories"

Contact :

Julien FIQUEPRON, Water and Forests engineer
Institut pour le Développement Forestier / CNPF
Maison de la Forêt - 11 rue de la Commanderie - 54000 NANCY (France)