Since its creation in 1980, the objective of joint french finnish forest Commission is to promote exchanges and cooperation between these two important forest countries that are Finland and France, in different domains as public and private forests, development and extension services, training and education and research. Each domain being represented through a college, which groups French and Finnish counterparts. 

Its sessions take place alternatively in France and in Finland, every 2 years : in 2006 at the Centre Forestier de la Bastide des Jourdans (France), in 2008 at Joensu (Finland). 

In 2010, under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and with its support, the organisation of the event has been entrusted to CNPF. In particular in the cover of a project entitled ForCoop – that aims to facilitate exchanges between Finnish Forest Regional Centres and French Regional Centres for Forest Ownership, and that organizes a first seminar at the same time and in the same place. 

Then the union of these two events will give a large echoe to the results of the workshops, and the occasion for the participants to share a field visit. 

Forcoop - to download

Séminaire ForCoop n° 1- Actes FR

ForCoop seminar Work shedule

Thomas Petreault, Jean-Pierre Ortisset - Forest supply and use in Midi-Pyrénées and in Tarn

Marc des Robert - Better know owners' motivations and profiles : Example in private forest ownership

F. Didolot - To better know owner's motivations : case of Massif Central

Collective Actions - Massifs Development Plans

Thomas Petreault - Massifs Development Plans in Midi-Pyrénées

Collective actions in Franche-Comté

Nicolas Traub - The Massif Development Plan in private forest ownership in Rhône-Alpes

Regional Observatory of Forest Ecosystems

Jean-Pierre Ortisset - Tarn Forests facing climate change

Pauline Marty - Drinking water catchments and forest management in Midi-Pyrénées

First contracts for private forests opening to the public

F. Didolot - Tourism and amenities : the sample of Plateau de Millevaches

Kirsi Greis - How we are collecting data about forest owners

Iittainen - Consulting Services, Information and Training

Eljas Heikkinen - Forest road – cooperative project

Eljas Heikkinen – Concept of jointly owned forests in Finland

Nikkola - The National Forest Programme

Kaj Lindh - Forestry in Finland ─ Climate Change Challenges

Pirita Soini - Non-wood forest products and services in Finnish forests

Timo Makkonen - Soil and Water protection in Forestry

CNPF-CRPF-IDF - Professional forestry organisations presentation

Häme-Uusimaa - Forestry Centre

Klaus Yrjönen - Forestry Development Centre Tapio

Restitution workshop - How to improve awareness among forest owners

Restitution workshop - Forest amenities

Joint french finnish forest commission - to download

André Labarrière - Bilateral cooperation between Metsähallitus and ONF

Ari Salmela - Jyväskylä Educational Consortium

Jean-Luc Guitton - News in French forest policy

Jean-Marc Guehl - Collaborations between METLA & INRA EFPA Research Department

Jirki Kangas - Group Public Forests / Metsähallitus

Juha Hakkarainen - Potential areas for improved co-operation between French and Finnish forest owner

Hannu Raitio - METLA - Finnish Forest Research Institute

Heikki Granholm - Forest policy issues

Luc Bouvarel - Cooperation French Finnish forest

Ritva Toivonen - TAPIO potential areas for co-operation

Olivier Picard - AFO's project

Sandra Luque - Cemagref projects